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January 22, 2014


Princess Chimera

'When Harry Meets Sally' is no Woody Allen movie.
Can you beat 'Sex with you is really a Kafka-esque experience' with 'Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her.' ??????? Now way, it is blasphemous ,I think.


couldnt stop laughing, reading this: "Lotus Notes is worse than Kolkata Knight Riders. To paraphrase a great writer, the next season, KKR might do well, but Lotus Notes will always remain the worst email application. (19-May-2009)"
soooo true!! :))

Arvind Swarup Pathiki

@ Chimera: i still insist that on a certain level it has some elements of a Woody Allen movie.

@Pratibha: i know that you are now one of the sufferers. my commiserations to you.

Princess Chimera

tsk, tsk, you do not understand the movie 'Lost in Translation'; check this http://kymira.blogspot.com/2005/09/ships-that-pass-in-night.html

Arvind Swarup Pathiki

@Chimera: i looked up 'tsk, tsk' in the dictionary. It seems to be a dig of sorts. Smiles.

I looked up the link you pointed to and it positively works like a perfect guide to understanding the movie. Thanks for sharing the link. Your blog? I left a comment there too.

Thanks for making me see the point of the movie. One probably must be in a particular frame of mind to appreciate the movie.

It recently happened that an old movie i watched and didnt like much, came to life in a way it never did before - it was only because of the state of mind i was in. 'LiT' seems to be one such movies. Arent most movies that way, anyway?

Thanks for stopping over. Cheers.

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