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September 20, 2012



Real Nice.. You write really well :)

Now..reading your blog..is what i will be doing very regularly:)

So you will have to keep writing for all people like me


Hey arvind this reminds me of Mokkapati narsimha sastry's Barrister Parvatheesam's japan yathra.
Really you are great in verbalising simple normal events with all sense of humour bringing in epic examples.
Great my boy.Keep it up.Make us happy with your enchanting writings.

Arvind Swarup Pathiki

@Venki: Thank You. I do hope to write as often as i possibly can. Thanks for the complimentary words.
@Sowmya Aunty: Your comments on my writing are always kind. I thank you once again for your appreciation and encouragement.


If there was an award for your best, this one would take the cake.Simple, humorous and straight out of the heart. I especially liked the analogies between Bangalore and New York city. Reminded me of the time when my dad compared the Brooklyn Bridge to the Howrah Bridge and I was horrified. Although I never chronicled my journey in this country, I always learn something new every now and then, for eg, 'skunk' is an animal that is as common here as rats are in India :)

Arvind Swarup Pathiki

@Chimera: Thank you. I respect your comment and take it as a compliment. You have been watching my progress (if i may call it that) very closely since almost as long as i have been writing and if you say that this is the best, it has to be the best. oh, yes... it is interesting to know that your father sees Calcutta in NYC, i see Bangalore, someoneelse sees Bombay. as i said, it gets simpler to understand the world when draw parallels to what we already know. like you often say, whatever rocks whoever's boat. Cheers.


Arvind, my apologies that I haven't visited your blog in a while. It has been entirely my loss. This was beautifully written, very evocative and like Chimera said, straight out of the heart. You have a gift, Arvind.

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