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October 26, 2010



Awesome....you should send this to Elle or Vogue!!


That was quite a take on patiala.Forget the style statement with patiala salwar,did you ever consider that it could be the convenience factor of camouflaging the adipose in the wrong place,from the sight of 'cheeky' men that its given the 'pouf' look?


I think, but I can't confirm, that the PPs existed before whachootheycaller Bebo in Jab We Met. I have seen them on my Hindi teacher back in school. There was a hideous orange (bloomers) and green (top) combination back then which was made famous by one of the movies you mention (may be you haven't). Say, didn't Hritik Roshan a.k.a. Doggu adorn those in Jodha akbar in those fight scenes??? Methinks he did. May be the PPs are unisexual. Ack!


such a funny write-up. Oscar Wilde once said 'Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months' , so yes P Pants were there before and they are back. I vaguely remember multiple actresses - the modern looking Rekha in 'Khoon Bhari Maang', Madhuri in 'Khel', more recently Rani M in 'Bunty aur Bubli' all sporting Patiala Pants. I think the harlem pants are more Indo-fusion wherein they tend to be worn with a tee-shirt rather than a kurti.Kudos to all those women who can carry off this funny looking attire with aplomb (and there indeed are a few of them!).
See you should never get me started on fashion, i can go on and on :)

Arvind Swarup Pathiki

@Deepali: Thank you very much. that is extremely high praise.

@Endless: you made me run to the dictionary to hunt the meaning of the complex Oedipus.

@Nisha/Chimera: I am sure they existed since the beginning of clothing itself. The fact that they are sometimes referred to as Harem Pants points that they were there since the 1001 Arabian Nights atleast. All the movies you mention, I am sure, had Pats, Jodha Akbar included. Thanks for the comments and compliments.


Fully enjoyed the discussion on PP's and in the first point itself i was reminded of 'Premikudu'song of prabhudeva.Nice arvind ,I am very curious to know into how many angles your mind turns to tune the very common event or joke or instance.May god bless you dear.

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